Curly Hair Rocks

I love my curly hair – 99% of the time, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

But you see, I didn’t always have curly hair. I don’t have baby pictures with golden ringlets and adorable bed head; I had stick-straight hair that had to practically be shellacked with hair spray to get a curling iron flip under to hold. Then came 6th grade (and puberty): BOOM. Waves, curls, horrible school pictures, neck burns from straightening irons, tangled round brushes. Combined with do-it-yourself Sun-In bleaching spray? Oh yeah, I looked fiiiiine.)  

One day I was getting a haircut and the stylist asked if I wore it straight or curly more. I sighed and commented on how I wanted it to be straight, but truthfully it was usually just lopsided wavy. He tilted his head and said, “You know, the more you wear it curly, the better it will look. Your hair will get used to being curly.” [Insert thunderbolt of brilliance]

I don’t fight the curls now; I embrace them and try to keep them happy and healthy. Sure, I sometimes get sleek hair envy, and come summer, the humidity makes me look like a poofy poodle. But then I think: “Hmm, that person with shiny tresses probably spent 30-45 minutes on her hair today. I, on the other hand, rolled out of bed, threw in some hair gel-creme, and spent all that extra time eating breakfast, petting my cat and drinking coffee.” 

 Lucky me!

Famous authors as chefs

This post made me smile: “What if Virginia Woolf, Geoffrey Chaucer or Raymond Chandler had turned their talents to food writing?”

With great serenity she added an egg, for was she not descended from that very noble, French house whose female progeny brought their arts and energy, their sense of colour and shape, wit and poise to the sluggish English? She added an egg, whose yellow sphere, falling into the domed bowl, broke and poured, like Vesuvius erupting into the mixture, like the sun setting into a butter sea.”

We Give Thanks Menu

It’s cool, you can be jealous of the awesomeness that is to be our Thanksgiving meal:

We Give Thanks Menu 

Organic, fresh (never frozen) wallop of a turkey from Arganica Farm 

Cranberry- Mango Sauce 

Broccoli-Cheese Casserole – Damis family recipe 

Barefoot Contessa Sausage Stuffing  

Garlic Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes 

Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Lemon Aioli

Goat Cheese-Pesto-Sundried Tomato Torta  

Pumpkin Pie – Mama Wheatley style

Chocolate – Dipped Clementines 

Harvest Apple Crumb Pie – benefitting a good cause 

Foodwise, I think I’m most excited about the mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts and goat cheese torta. Well, and seeing a 20 pound turkey be successfully cooked – which is in the hands of the male in the house (no, not the cat, silly!). Okay, I really just love all the savory flavors that come together for Thanksgiving. And when else do I get to buy as much sage as I wnat?

Gastronomy aside, I’m feeling very happy about hosting my mom and big sister and sharing the apartment with the boyfriend this year. I haven’t seen my mom in about a year or my big sis since July. It’ll be a squeeze of people in the one-bedroom but with plenty of libations to enliven the mood. We all have our health, loves and jobs. Which is more than many.

As one of our activities – since I’ll be damned if we sit on our asses and lose our patience with each other as the only activity – we’ve all agreed to create a cocktail for the others to try. I’ll be shaking and pouring a gin-based aviation. I’m not a fan of Beefeater gin, though, and prefer Hedrick’s or Bombay. I thought about going all holiday spirit and trying one of these 12 Days of Holiday Cocktails. Then I noticed that they all involve something creamy, and this lactose intolerant lady isn’t down for that.

Cheers to food, friends and family!  

We Give Thanks Menu 11.21.11

Monday was not a Funday

H Street NE DC with a Harvest Moon

How do I say this nicely? Yesterday sucked. Hard. I ate fistfuls of M&Ms, drank copious amounts of coffee, left at 7pm then worked until 1am at home. I even tried to improve my mood with some levity of posting on here, only to be rebuffed – TWICE – by my own site telling me access was forbidden. Harumph.

Today I woke up on a better side of the bed, and apparently so did the rest of Washington, D.C. Perhaps it was this harvest moon that sprinkled a bit of warmth into us as we slept.
Or it could have been the fall flowers and wine my dearheart brought home to cheer me up as I sat on the floor listlessly eating Stacy’s Pita Chips.Regardless, I’ll take my improved mood, the sun shining and the reminder that I can create beauty, find beauty and recognize the beauty in gifts others give me. To quote Adele, “Count your blessings to find what you look for.”