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The emails in my inbox at at work right now involve phrases like:

  • “That seems unethical and not to mention probably illegal…”
  • “We need to meet in person about this, preferably tomorrow…”

    The tension at my office
  • “That is not correct. I did not agree to that…” 
  • “I’m not following…”
  • “If he approaches you please do not engage with him …”

It’s DEFCON 2 over here.

And I got locked in a closet and had to yell for help from colleagues. In trying to make an appointment with my APRN, turns out she apparently isn’t in business anymore – so much for getting that script refilled. I also think I may be underdressed in my colorful knee-high socks, though HR says I’m fine. Just a bit out of sorts.

More coffee?

Done with the Run

I’m drinking a hot cup of Doodles special blend coffee, glasses on, patio door open to the smells of fall. After 32 hours of running and cheering plus an extra long 13 hour drive home, the Bourbon Chase is officially over. I’m home in pjs, contemplating how much effort will be involved in cleaning out the “Black Bullet” we called home for 4 days before returning it to enterprise.

So in the spirit of procrastination, a few images from the race:

Our 12-person relay team at the race start: Jim Beam Distillery
  • Best foods consumed during race: Black Cherry PowerBlocks, Pretzel M &Ms, Bananas, Cinnamon Raisin Mini Bagels, Clementines, Coffee, Coconut Water.
  • I Wish I’d Packed: Shorts, Pajamas, more Coconut Water, a Sleep Mask, Camera.
  • Things  That Kept me Sane: Stores in the towns that stayed open until 4am so we could invade and use their clean restrooms, Knowing my final leg was shorter than my first leg, Twitter, Daydreams of egg mcmuffins and my bed, Bryan’s sleeping bag, Coffee, Phone Adpater for charging on the go.

    Fall foliage on the road back in Kentucky


Monday was not a Funday

H Street NE DC with a Harvest Moon

How do I say this nicely? Yesterday sucked. Hard. I ate fistfuls of M&Ms, drank copious amounts of coffee, left at 7pm then worked until 1am at home. I even tried to improve my mood with some levity of posting on here, only to be rebuffed – TWICE – by my own site telling me access was forbidden. Harumph.

Today I woke up on a better side of the bed, and apparently so did the rest of Washington, D.C. Perhaps it was this harvest moon that sprinkled a bit of warmth into us as we slept.
Or it could have been the fall flowers and wine my dearheart brought home to cheer me up as I sat on the floor listlessly eating Stacy’s Pita Chips.Regardless, I’ll take my improved mood, the sun shining and the reminder that I can create beauty, find beauty and recognize the beauty in gifts others give me. To quote Adele, “Count your blessings to find what you look for.”

Water Into Wine

The ‘creek’ that is usually part of my running route

Earthquake, hurricane and now a flood. What’s next? Locus and frogs? I swear, if I see lamb’s blood appear over people’s doors, I’m outta here. 

In the meantime, I’m sustaining myself with strong coffee and memories of sunshine.  And wine. Speaking of, a  few of my favorite beverages of late (in no particular order):
Red Rock, Malbec – I enjoyed this with spicy Indian and unlike some reds which intensify heat, this Malbec was mellow and easy to drink with a good balance. And by “good balance” I mean it wasn’t sour like baby grapes or dry like sucking on a piece of bark, nor hummingbird sweet. 
Little Black Dress, Merlot – This is not a fancy wine, and it goes great with appetizers like the recent pairing with hummus and veggies. Very affordable, and I can even overlook the overt marketing to women.
The Naked Grape, Pinot Grigio – I prefer white wines in summer, preferably an easy Pinot Grigio or Sauvingon Blanc. This bottle made me smile and relax. Sippable and not too thin or watery like some. I don’t remember what I drank this with, but I kept the cork, so it must have been good!
I’m off to refill the coffee mug.