Dark Chocolate Bits Brownies


I like dark chocolate, the darker the better – up to 72% cacao I’ll just pop a piece in my mouth. The flavor of dark chocolate is deep, intense, with a twinge of bitter at the end than hits my satisfaction button. I also take my coffee black, for similar reasons.

Since dark chocolate is intense, I can’t finish a whole bar in one sitting. (In contrast, hand me a Hersheys bar and I’ll finish it before you can ask for s’more).

What to do with multiple half-eaten bars? Chop em up and throw them in brownies! When I made this batch, it included three kinds of bar pieces:

– straight 72% cacao
– 65% cacao with crunchy sea salt
– something dark creme brulee

I followed the recipe for Hersheys Fudgey Special Dark Brownies, substituting about 2 cups of chopped chocolate bar pieces for their recommended dark chips.

When the brownies came out of the oven, I sprinkled additional chopped bits on the top, let them melt, and smeared them around the top like a thin frosting. Why not?

These babies are on the fudgier, denser end of the brownie spectrum rather than the spongier, style-cake brownies. Considering my ideal chocolate dessert is flourless, I’m in heaven.


Enjoy with a cup of coffee, milk and sugar optional.

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