How to Judge a Person by their Ice Cream Choice

I loved this piece from Food 52 today. Here in Texas, we’re in full-swing summer. The A/C is pumping, closed-toed shoes are shoved in the back of the closet, and we have two kinds of frozen treats in the freezer.

Today: You hear the ice cream truck rounding the corner and it’s time to make a choice: Here’s what your decision says about you.

You are at a pool in the middle of August. You’ve just played a fierce game of Sharks and Minnows and applied another layer of sunscreen. You’re trying to make yourself comfortable on a plastic weave chaise lounge (an impossible task) and position your magazine to block the sun. Then you hear it: the ice cream truck.

You scurry out of the pool gates and line up with the other kids. But when the moment of truth comes, you’re overwhelmed. You choose quickly, instinctually. Here’s what that choice says about you—from your mom’s perspective and from your haters’ perspective (don’t read on if you’re not ready to get real).

Read the full scoop (ha!) on what your ice cream choice says about you at Food 52 

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