$1.33 Holiday Brownies

I just moved to Texas four days ago, and while the natives are kind, I’m somewhat limited in baking and cooking due to ALL my furniture and 90% of my belongings remaining in a moving truck that is well,  not here.

Practicing gratitude and sleeping on the floor and feeling thankful for the little things that go right is healthy and all that, but sometimes everyone needs a spirit lifter. Here’s an easy, cheap perk for a cold, drizzly night.

To make Holiday Brownies: Buy 1 candy cane for .33 cents and one package classic brownie mix for .99 cents at the Dollar General Store. Pound candy cane into smithereens using available utensils – a cast iron pan on the counter for me. Mix brownies according to directions and add candy cane chips. If you have peppermint schnapps or peppermint extract, toss a drop or two in. Bake, cool for approximately 30 seconds and then eat half the pan. I recommend washing them down with plastic cups of a $6 liter bottle of Merlot.

Happy cheap, holiday eats!

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