My Crack Snack

It’s true that I wax poetic about sublime hummus and frosty pumpkin beer, savory thai  and luscious dark chocolate (72% cacao!). But the one food that I absolutely cannot stop eating once start, the snack attack that leaves me apologizing for eating the whole bag, the crunch that I no longer purchase is…

Soy Sauce Rice Crackers

These are my crack. I say ‘I’ll nosh on a few,’ and then shove handfuls in my mouth. ‘I’ll just put them in the cabinet,’ I convince myself, and then pop 15 more. ‘I really should leave some for the bf,’ I resolve, and then realize that the bag is nearly empty. ‘It would be rude to leave crumbs, so I’ll just finish ’em off for everyone’s good’ I justify. Salty, crunchy, slightly sweet with that umami taste that does.not.stop.

Though I would never try and seduce someone to have a self-discipline fail (Ha! Like every happy hour),  brands that I can vouch for include:







Perhaps I just need  to embrace my love of salty foods with a purchase that speaks to the heart of the matter.

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