6 Best Light Beers

It’s summer, which means drinking a cold beer on a hot day is a slice of heaven. It also means it’s swimsuit season so downing Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss at 207 calories a bottle is not in my waist’s best interests. Thank god for retro ruching and tankinis!

Here are my top light beer picks for skirting the rules and filling  Naglene bottles for relaxing at our alcohol-free pool. From worst to best, my top 6 picks:

6. Michelob Ultra Cactus Lime (95 calories). This is by far the crappiest beer I’ve ever imbibed. I don’t how much the samplers at Women’s Health were paid to rank it #2 on their list, but this beer tastes like a combination of Pine-Sol and dishwater.
Bottom line: Save your money unless you wanna vomit. Also, I’m giving away my leftover beers.

5. Miller Genuine Draft 64 (64 calories). In spite of their ads with happy, hip people, this beer doesn’t entice my taste buds to utter a single whoop. Even when super-duper cold, it barely tastes like beer-flavored water combined with a drop of yellow food coloring.
Bottom line: Take a shot of bourbon, vodka or rum for the same number of calories.


4. Corona Light (105 calories). It’s a universally acknowledged truth that Corona tastes best after yard work. A regular Corona has about 50 more calories, so this brew isn’t going to whittle the waist, but it offers less guilt. Throw in the requisite lime wedge and fight scurvy too!
Bottom line: Tip it back after a good sweat.


3. Coors Light (102 calories). I’m kind of a sucker for the ice-cold blue mountains, but even without the hyper-color can, I really LIKE drinking Coors Light. Refreshing, fizzy, it’s easy to drink with everything from sushi to burgers.
Bottom line: Buy a 24-pack for the weekend, ‘cuz you’re gonna drink ’em.


2. Miller High Life Light (110 calories). The first time I tried a Miller High Life beer followed a 4-day hike on the Appalachian Trail. I showered, bought a 6-pack of this beer at a gas station and sat on a porch in a tiny town in southern Virginia — rocking, sipping and reading. Good stuff. The bf just introduced me to the light version and my heart is happy to enjoy the champagne of beers more frequently. Best from a bottle.
Bottom line: Say yes and enjoy it.


1. Yeungling Light (99 calories). For me, Yeungling Light tastes identical to regular Yeungling. And with less than 100 calories for real beer flavor and color, this brew tops my list. It’s full-bodied but not bitter, and it’s filling like a real beer — none of that “oh, just drinking tinted water over here” feeling.  I also like that it’s not a guzzling beer, as say, Coors Light can easily become.
Bottom line: Cheers to real beer flavor that’s summer-shorts friendly

Of course, opinions vary. Fitness gave Bud Light (110 calories) their top spot. Women’s Health crowned Bud Select 55 (55 calories) as its winner. What about you? What light beer catches your fancy?

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