It’s the End of the World…And I’ve Got Matches!

I’m reading “One Second After” by William Forstchen. It’s not very well-written and wouldn’t suggest you run out and read it, but the concept is thought-provoking. The premise is that an electronmagnetic pulse (EMP) from a nuclear bomb detonated in space renders all electronic, digital and computerized stuff inoperable. No radios, no cars post 1970’s, no lights, no sewage treatment, no pacemakers, no insulin pumps, nada communications. No zombies in the tale — yet — but still a complete and total breakdown of society and infrastructure.

What could I possibly stock up on that would prove useful in case of an apocalyptic event? Canned goods and bottled water are fine and good for a weekend hurricane watch, but are finite and difficult to transport or trade. A few ideas on my list so far:

  • Neosporin – They say more people died of infections than bullet wounds in the Civil War. Tiny tubes with high value for health
  • Vodka – Wound cleaner, sterilizer, value in trade, and yes i would want to be drunk sometime
  • Cigarettes – Apparently smokers will do anything to get ahold of these in lean times, so a great bargaining chip
  • Waterproof matches – Not sustainable at all, and not necessary to start fires, but a whole lot damn easier with ’em
  • A good quality, sharp knife – For butchering, defense, an eating utensil, utilitarian tool
  • Hatchet – If you can cut your own wood/saplings, you can create shelters, build fires, skew things to cook, cut off animal heads,  and generally be of great service
  • Soap-making materials – I don’t know what these are or the process to create soap, but it will be damn important for health and hygiene. Now where are those Foxfire books…?

p.s. Super excited for The Walking Dead to return in a month!

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