5 Non-Resolution Focus Areas for 2013

In grant writing particularly, it’s necessary to include what they call SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Timely. You’ve seen this graphic, right?

For my personal life as questions arise of resolutions and life-changing decisions, I prefer MUSH goals, those that are Mostly feasible, Underdeveloped, Silly and Hubris-driven. For example, in 2012, I resolved to wear more eye make-up. Success! I wore eyeliner probably 90% of my days at work. I had a girlfriend who resolved to drink more champagne. What a delightful resolution to keep!
I offer my 2013 MUSH-y focus areas:

  • Wear lipstick more often, or find lipstick that wears longer—whichever is fine. I’m Polish-bred pale and need the color.
  • Dress to flatter my shape. This will involve donating frumpy clothes so I can’t default to a solid t-shirt, boxy sweater and washed out Old Navy pants that are too short. This also requires me to admit that my shape does not fit everything, and try to be okay with it as is.
  • Eat foods that make me feel good. Sure, shoveling a log of goat cheese tastes awesome, but it’s not worth 3 days of lactose-intolerant gut pain, bloating and – as we called them in my family – barking spiders. I like healthful foods; I just need to take time to prepare them for easy transportation.
  • Save  money. This would be place to be more specific, but I chafe against rigorous budget restraints, which in turn makes me more likely to splurge to prove that I can. Like a diet, a crash won’t help but little steps will. For instance, I didn’t buy coffee today. I have 2 coffee makers at home and one at work. I can do this. Oh, and I need to put more of that promotion into savings.
  • Fight spam. Spam makes me cranky and wastes time. Rather than cllicking on itsy bitsy boxes with checkmarks to delete 75% of my inbox, I’m  finding the tiny script at the bottom of the email that reads “unscribe,” and jumping through whichever hoops they require. Rawr. Take back the inbox!

Maybe I’ll come up with a few more, maybe not. Check back in March to guffaw at this list.

One thought on “5 Non-Resolution Focus Areas for 2013

  1. I’ve never heard of SMART – but I definitely like the MUSH concept – thanks for the food for thought ….pondering …..

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