Creativity Breeds Simplicity – Bacon Edition

Bacon + PB = Goodness

This weekend, your guest blogger awoke to make breakfast for the (slightly cranky) author of this blog. Make your own inferences on that scenario. Not knowing exactly what the author had available at the time, my answer to the mumbled question “what’s for breakfast” was a resounding “I’ll be creative!”

Creativity around breakfast time (at least my breakfast making) usually involves some combination of eggs, meat, vegetables, and sometimes cheese to form a large pseudo-omelet. It always does the trick. However, this session in creative morning eats was foiled by the lack of eggs in the fridge. Alas, there was the one item that always makes anything better: bacon.

The bacon was promptly thrown into the pan on the stove and I figured the rest would take care of itself. I didn’t need to get cute here and just needed let the bacon do the talking in whatever I created. I broke out the bread, threw it in the toaster and began to ponder what to combine with the savory savior of meats.

Upon opening the cabinet for my first look, it immediately struck me that a sweet and savory combo of peanut butter and bacon was the right choice. I’m not breaking any new ground here, as I’ve seen this done before. But why hadn’t I done this before? Simple. Delicious. Filling: Bacon + Peanut Butter.

That’s it. That’s the recipe. Go make it and enjoy!

– courtesy of guest blogger Bryan

2 thoughts on “Creativity Breeds Simplicity – Bacon Edition

  1. Um … can we get confirmation from the recipient (regular author) of said sandwich that it was in fact “delicious?” I am dubious. Gratzi.

  2. I can confirm my surprise at the tastiness of this sandwich. The perfect bite was the middle with all the salty, crispy melt-in-your mouth bacon and sweet warm peanut butter combined. If you can handle the intense smell and mess, I totally recommend it post drinking. Thumbs up!

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