Perfect Bloody Mary Bar

This morning the bf and I tried brunch at Capitol City Brewing Company in Shirlington. Their brunch is relatively new and could definitely use variety. The food was okay, but the best part involved a 3-for-1 deal on Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s. In my perfect world, all Bloody Mary’s are offered as part of a make-your-own Bloody Mary Bar.

Items to be included a perfect Bloody Mary Bar:

  • Hot sauce – To each their own spice
  • Celery – way more fun that a spoon as a stir stick
  • Horseradish – duh
  • Worcestershire – a touch of savory salty
  • Old Bay- best when rimmed on the glass
  • Limes or lemons – for squeezing and garnishing
  • Pepper
  • Celery salt – if you don’t have it, you’ll taste the lack
  • Olives – Okay, this is not my vote but I understand it’s integral for some
  • Pickled mini corns, or any pickled vegetables really
  • A1 sauce – oh so zingy

In DC, my pick for building your own perfect beverage at brunch is The Argonaut in NE. It’s about $9 for bottomless Mimosas or Bloody Mary’s, and their brunch foods are flavorful even if the ambiance is a bit so-so. Another possibility is sampling the selection of Best Blood Mary’s as recommended by the Bitches Who Brunch.

4 thoughts on “Perfect Bloody Mary Bar

  1. +1 on the Argonaut, and Poste has a good one, and the largest I’ve seen was in Dewey Beach MD at the Starboard – but agreed – a Bloody Mary bar is a thing of beauty. My favorite stir is a pickle spear, learned about that in MN.

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