DIY Sparkle Shoes

“Successful women can still have their feet on the ground. They just wear better shoes.” –  Maud van De Venne

Thanks to multiple Pinterest posts – including this delightful one which involves mimosas –  I decided to refresh a pair of scuffed up shoes with a little DIY sparkle.

Before Photo

These shoes are supposed to be copper but had faded to a brown-grey in the worn places. Yet the heels were still in good shape and I walk well in them, which is not a given. (I actually have nightmares about wearing horrible heels while racing to catch a plane) I also just wasn’t ready to donate them yet.

– About 1/2 cup Mod Podge
– A cheap sponge paint brush
– About 2 ounces of gold glitter
– Disposable container
– Something to protect the table – I cut open a couple plastic bags and taped ’em down. The directions are simple:

One layer painted on

1. Mix half the amounts of glitter and half the Mod Podge in that container you won’t mind throwing away. Stay on the lighter side of glitter: glue ratio. If you add too much glitter to the Mod Podge, it can clump up awkwardly when you try to paint it onto the surface of the shoe. Think thin layers. You can always paint more! If you’re new to the power of Mod Podge, don’t worry about the white color; it dries clear.

2. Paint one layer on both shoes. Allow to dry at least overnight, or until very dry. If you paint a new coat over a wet one, your glitter globs will increase. (You can see my globs starting to appear even after one coat.)

Glitter-glue-brush mix

Tip: To keep the mix from drying out between coats, I put a ziplock over the Solo cup, then just stirred and started right back up. The $1 spent on three brushes meant I wasn’t too attached to tossing them. If you want to mix a new batch each coat, go for it.

3. Continue to alternate paint-dry-paint-dry until you’re satisfied with the saturation and distribution of glitter. This is totally personal preference. I completed 2 full layers and then a third round of touch-ups.

After Photo

4. Ta da! Wear ’em with pride! The glitter stays on nicely, even as I flex and walk.

My take: It’s an easy DIY project on the cheap and I’m happy to upcycle/ recycle a pair of shoes.

Downside?  It definitely took more time than I anticipated, resulting in a table covered in glitter and plastic bags and shoes for about a week. Plus, glitter inevitably gets all over the place, so if you don’t refer to it as “pixie dust” like I do, that might be annoying.

Va va va voom!

On the other hand, they DO look fabulous!

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