When It’s Too Hot to Cook

I don’t.
(See also: Cooking Be Damned)

Yesterday I invited a girlfriend over for dinner, thinking that between the frozen chicken, veggies and assorted pantry stock, I could come up with a fine meal. Plus, I had 2 bottles of red wine.

The meal evolved something like this:

1 hour before: Riding the bus home, mentally piecing together a delightful, healthy dinner of teriyaki chicken, brown rice, edamame, sauteed spinach, perhaps some dark chocolate for dessert.

30 minutes before: Cranking up the A/C, sticking head in the freezer, panting at the thought of turning on the oven, tapping fingertips on the counter in thought.

15 minutes before: Drinking a cold beer, dicing tomatoes, cutting up basil, pulling out assorted snack foods and hoping the colorful, cloth napkins on the freshly dusted table will make up for the lack of entree.

Actual Dinner: wasabi almonds, sharp white cheddar cheese, sesame rice crackers,

Zen of Zin, a birthday gift

lemon hummus, baby carrots, tomato-avocado-basil-chickpea salad, pesto spread, cherry preserves, pita chips, dried fruit medley, Zinfandel, Jamaican ginger beer, and sweet potato pudding (the last two were contributions from my guest).

I needn’t have worried. We ate and talked, chatted and noshed. Neither of us left hungry, and there was something a bit whimsical and light-hearted about picking out and eating only my favorite items. Didn’t feel like carrots? Not to worry. Hankering for some salty cheese? Enjoy!

We both decided that rice cracker + cherry preserves + sharp cheddar was the best combination. Cheers to no cooking nights!

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