Acknowledging Disappointment

Sometimes people are disappointing. Maybe we forgive them, or just ignore it and move on. But other times there’s no forgetting or giving a pass. Sometimes people are just awful. Warning: rant about to ensure.

I had 2 moments today of males being total [she pauses to find the most apt, descriptive word possible…] assholes. In both cases, the guys would say imbibing a fair amount of alcohol led to their actions. But ya know what? It’s not an excuse. It never was and never should be. Yes, you can drink until you don’t remember what you said or did, but you still chose to drink.

If you call a girl a foul name, don’t blame the alcohol. If your drunken antics result in pissing people off, it’s your choice to drink and you are responsible for your actions. You break shit? Pay for it. You ruin something? Replace it. You act like an idiot? Prepare to be ignored. You take a piss in public? Yeah, they ticket for that.

And if, god forbid, you move from drunk idiot into drunk ANGRY idiot, I have no sympathy. As an adult – aged 30 or 60 – this is not your first time enjoying libations. You know that phrase, “Know your limits.” Guess what? It doesn’t just apply to freshmen experimenting with alcohol. It applies to everyone, for life. Be an adult, for god’s sake, not a whiny toddler.

So the next time you, drunk man, decide to hit someone I care about just because you couldn’t hold your liquor or communicate your thoughts – look out. I own a chin up bar, and a hand gun.

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