Breakfast on the Fly

To quote a friend, “It’s just one of those weeks.” Crazy busy at work, with late nights and early mornings. Add in my 6.15am workouts and this lady is running on fumes and caffeine. BUT, I also know that I require good, quality food to keep up my energy and meet deadlines without turning into the grumpy hungry hater monster.

Breakfast – while standing at the bus stop.

Enter the incredible, edible egg! Here’s my fast as lightning breakfast on the fly:

– 1 egg, cracked into a microwave safe bowl

– fresh spinach- dash of water

– 1 TBS pesto

– 1 TBS goat cheese

– wrap, any flavor

Whip the egg and water and pesto, top with spinach.  Microwave for 2 minutes. Slide cooked contents out onto wrap. I’m using a rye wrap here, but anything works, also flatbreads.  Smear goat cheese on the wrap and roll up, burrito style. Grab a napkin and race out the door! In less than 4 minutes, using ingredients that are easy to keep on hand, I get a breakfast that fills me up and keeps me focused. Until at least 10.30am, which is now. Hello, Luna bar…

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