Top 5 Coffee Flavors

You might be thinking this post is about my favorite beans, or style of roasting, or preferred manufacturers of organic and fair trade and shade-grown beans. Nope. This is my post about flavored coffee. I take my coffee black, but I’m not a coffee purist.  I like the taste of coffee, and there’s just sumpin’ about flavored beans that perks me up.

There is a deli near my office called Cafe Phillips. It’s overpriced, only accepts cash, and they hoard ketchup packets like it’s the dawn of the apocalypse. Nevertheless, their coffee rocks my socks. At $3.15 (bumped up from $2.85!) for a large, it’s an indulgence that I allow once a week or so. Today, in honor of trying a new flavored coffee and finding it pleasing, here is my top 5 list of Cafe Phillips flavored coffees:

1. German Chocolate Cake. For real. Coconut hints, chocolate scented, all warm and delicious. This specialty flavor only emerges on Thursdays.

2. Hazelnut. My preferred standby. They even make ice cubes out of hazelnut coffee so you can have an iced hazelnut coffee with hazelnut ice!

3. Chocolate Chip Cookie. I tried this for the first time today and it was pretty good. It wasn’t too much fake chocolate flavor, though I don’t know why they added “cookie” to the title.

4. Cinnamon. I was a doubter, but a colleague changed my mind on this one. It would rank higher on the list but is only seasonally available.

5. French Vanilla. This is the special Monday flavor. It’s fine, and better than plain, but it was a bit weak, not a complaint I normally have, nor an experience I’d like to repeat. 

Perhaps I’ll have to make my own flavored coffee. Oh the possibilities!

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