DIY Earring Organizer

I have a thing for Pinterest. It’s a go-to happy place for me, AND I learn things. For instance, did you know that mixing equal parts Dawn dish soap and white vinegar makes the most effective bathtub cleaner ever? I was dubious but after stripping and recaulking my tub last weekend, it needed serious help. I sprayed the mixture on and literally saw ‘stuff’ melting and sliding down the tub – which was both gross and awesome.

the inspiration

My next weekend project invovled organizing my earrings based on an inspiration from, you guessed it, Pinterest. Here was the post about decorative radiator covers that started it all. The hardest part: “Using a snips, we cut the sheet metal down to size.” Snips? What’s a snips? A certain cutting process? A tool? I bought a $3 pair of pliers/cutting things. A word to the wise: buy a snips, whatever it may be. I have blisters from using my crappy tool. And I nearly gave up before I realized bending the metal first made it easier to cut.

end product

In terms of costs, I spent: $6 on a wooden 11×14  frame from A.C. Moore, $18 on the radiator cover from Home Depot, and $3 on the aforementioned torturous $3 cutting tool from the Dollar store. I also used some wrapping paper and spray adhesive I already had on hand, and hung it on 2 small nails I had in my toolbox. Total cost?  $27. Not bad compared to basically the same item (but much less cool, obviouslylisted for $45 on this website.

I followed the directions in the post, which are basically: 1) cut metal to fit frame, 2) put in frame, and 3) hang earrings. About 45 minutes and several poking cuts later, I was actually pretty impressed with myself.

close up

Next time, a few things I’ll do differently:

  • Did I mention the pain in  the ass of using my particular cutting tool? I’ll buy a real metal cutter.
  • Pick out a nicer frame. The price was budget friendly, but the wood is rougher than I expected and the corners pulled apart a bit.
  • Usee a flat-tip screwdriver to bend the edges of the radiator cover into the frame so it doesn’t bulge out.
  • Own a better camera, improve the lighting, or simply take better pictures to showcase how neat this really is.

Score one for functional DIY organizing!

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