Flourless Chocolate Cake + Birthday Cake Martini

I am part of a small group of ladies that started as a book club, devolved into a drinking club, then re-emerged as a brunching club. Though we sometimes try new restaurants, typically we take turns cooking at each other’s places. We love to cook, you see. And pop bottles of bubbly.

We had much to celebrate, including a promotion, a job interview, world traveling, and several resolutions focused on mindful, healthful eating.Our luscious menu included:

  • Avocado toasts – with hummus and roasted red peppers rather than tomatoes
  • Sugar snap peas, carrots and baked pita chips with hummus and yogurt dips
  • Cranberry hazelnut crackers smeared with some lovely soft, pale salty cheese whose name escapes me
  • A spin on this asparagus with poached eggs recipe – using a sautéed veggie medley of asparagus, baby bella mushrooms, broccoli, red bell pepper, garlic salt, olive oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar under the poached eggs.
  • Mixed greens salad with Nigella’s recipe for moonblush tomatoes (first time to try ’em!)
  • Birthday Cake Martinis – made with 100% cranberry juice, which I wouldn’t recommend – go with the juice cocktail instead. Also, I dipped the rims in honey before dipping them in sugar sprinkles. At some point we stopped mixing drinks and just drank the champagne instead.

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