Vacation Free Time Spent

Pet pictures trump people pictures

As my holiday time off wraps up, I’m wondering…what did I do with myself for the past 10 days? Out of all of vacation time, my retrospective memory suggests the following time consumers:

  • 28% Sleep with intense dreams and much waking
  • 20% Talk with close friends and family into the wee hours
  • 19% Cook new, old, favorite and mostly successful recipes
  • 15% Eat absurd amounts of tasty, savory, artery-clogging, happiness inducing food
  • 12% Drink coffee, alcohol, water. Repeat. All day.
  • 10% Workout a few times, break a sweat
  • 8% Tweet and Text like a fiend
  • 7% Write like a junior high girl with a diary
  • 4% Play Words with Friends
  • 5% Exchange presents and watch people open and (at least pretend to) love them
  • 3% Watch 4 Harry Potter movies
  • 2% Take pictures of pets. Ignore people.
  • 2% Sleep on planes
  • .5% Work on improving my puns
  • .01 % Clean up cat vomit

One day left!

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