Thanksgiving Treats

My family likes to cook and eat – and drink. Now if only I had a better camera or phone to capture better pics of our results. A few highlights from our week together.

First, these dark chocolate-dipped clementines sprinkled with sea salt turned out perfectly. They are juicy and sweet with a little zing from the salt. I can also confirm that dipping shortbread cookies into leftover chocolate makes for fewer tupperwares in the fridge. They got a little soggy in ziplocks, so eat these treats right away.

Modern Bellini

The alternative Bellini was created for my Mom. Her favorite cocktail is a Bellini but the hassle and mess of blending frozen peaches into a puree sounded like too much work. We created this fine concoction instead: 1 part peach schnapps, 2 parts champagne then drop in a frozen peach slice. Viola! A Peach Fizz. Lovely and tasty and oh so simple – especially when the kitchen is overrun with pots and pans and people. Gonna keep this in mind for my next ladies brunch.


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