10 Days to Hosting Turkey Day

The Mall – Washington, DC 11/10/11

The weather is cool, the leaves are colorful and Target already has Christmas decorations displayed in aisles 27-35. (I know this because I lost 2 hours of my life in Target last weekend, thinking only 30 minutes had elapsed). In 10 days I’ll be hosting Thanksgiving for my mom, big sis and boyfriend. This is actually my third time to dish up sides and check pans and play hostess, though only my second time to make a turkey. And I’m nervous.

In my love of great deals and haste, I bought a Groupon deal for a local, organic turkey from Arganica Farm Club. By the time I ordered it for delivery, the smallest option available was 16-20 pounds. So that averages, oh, 5 pounds of turkey per person. From what I’ve read, you should estimate 1-1.5 pounds per person. Good thing the Food Network has 114 recipes for Turkey Leftovers. I’m trying to find the perfect recipe, or quite frankly, any recipe, and reading things like 5 Ways to Ruin Your Turkey. Any suggestions or fail-proof tips?

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