Halloween Ideas

I need a costume for tomorrow night, as I’ll be volunteering and then going to a house party with mandatory costumes.

But I have limitations: I don’t want to sew, pay more than $25 or be cold. Ideas thus far:

  • – Gold top, tiny black skirt, gold makeup, gold shoes, glittery eyeshadow, shovel and pail: Gold digger
  • – Brown button up boots, white top unbuttoned, corset, braids, beer mug: Beer wench
  • – Jeans rolled up, cutoff A-line tank top or V-neck undershirt, eyeliner freckles, straw hat, mason jar of clear liquid: Hillbilly

My plan was make these to take to the shindig: No bake pumpkin cheesecake cookies. Despite my best efforts and 3 grocery stores later, I couldn’t find the chocolate wafers. Instead, I made the filling and served it as a dip for gingersnaps instead.  I added 1/2 container of cool whip, and red and yellow food coloring because it needed to be neon orange.

It was a super easy, fall-tasting and festive crowd pleaser.

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