The emails in my inbox at at work right now involve phrases like:

  • “That seems unethical and not to mention probably illegal…”
  • “We need to meet in person about this, preferably tomorrow…”

    The tension at my office
  • “That is not correct. I did not agree to that…” 
  • “I’m not following…”
  • “If he approaches you please do not engage with him …”

It’s DEFCON 2 over here.

And I got locked in a closet and had to yell for help from colleagues. In trying to make an appointment with my APRN, turns out she apparently isn’t in business anymore – so much for getting that script refilled. I also think I may be underdressed in my colorful knee-high socks, though HR says I’m fine. Just a bit out of sorts.

More coffee?

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