Or at least that’s what my fingernails say at the moment. Tonight after work, 5 friends and I are driving down to Kentucky to meet up with 7 other lucky runners to compete in the Bourbon Relay Chase.  This is a 200-mile, 12-person relay race over about 35 hours.

nailing the motivation

Our team name is “Runners Distilled” and our motto is “Anything Worth Doing is Worth Overdoing.”

Our mascot is Hermes (or Mercury, if you prefer the Roman mythology), who is bold, clever, athletic, faster than the wildest wind and secret agent of Zeus.

We’ve got gold wings for our shoes, neon posters for the windows, sparkle tights for a variety of uses, enough food to feed a small army and lots of enthusiasm.

And we’re running for a great cause: the National Hospice Foundation. In the course of 7 months we collectively raised $5,791.00, which is 115% of our goal.

The Black Bullet

I picked up our minivan yesterday and have lovingly dubbed it the Black Bullet. Did you know that Chrysler Town & Country makes a ‘Touring’ model? Me neither. But this baby has leather seats, a DVD player with two screens, rear camera, touch screen radio, under seat tow ‘n go (my request), dual climate control, cruise control and a whole lot of other bells ‘n whistles that I’m not sure how to use.  Another name could be the “Keep Your Kids Entertained on Long Trips” model.

But I digress: I’m going running! A lot! With some awesome people and for a good cause. And then on Monday I’m taking the day off to sleep and eat and hang out with the cutie boyfriend and furry cat. A girl’s got to relax sometimes.

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