au·tum·nal /ôˈtəmnəl/ – Adjective: Of, characteristic of, or occurring in autumn.

Nothing says fall better than the appearance of Punkin Ale.

Tonight we’re heading over to some friends’ home who have Punkin Ale on tap. Yes, on tap! (Be jealous). I anticipate raucous laughter leading to hiccups.

To kick off the official start of fall weather and say thanks for sharing beloved amber-spiced brew, we’re making them Apricot-Glazed Pork Chops with Pecan-Quinoa Pilaf.

I’m also gonna throw in a pumpkin pie, because it’s awesome. And it’s a shame that we only eat it one week in November. Sillies.

One thought on “Autumnal

  1. I love Punkin from dogfish, and my other favorites are Ichabod Pumpkin Ale (New Holland) and Imperial Pumpkin Ale (Weyerbacher). So good!

    This year I actually bought a homebrew kit for pumpkin ale – although I suspect it will be well into the winter before that one’s ready to drink.

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